Sometimes we all need a hand to see us through a difficult time in our life. At other times, we see a potential for personal growth but just need a bit of space to talk things through. Counselling can provide an opportunity for you to find your way through whatever you are faced with in a safe and confidential setting.
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I have experience of providing personal counselling within a variety of settings, including student counselling, the voluntary sector, a research clinic, and in private practice. During this time I have worked with people facing a wide variety of issues and difficulties including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, bereavement, childhood abuse, trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and social anxiety as well as people seeking assistance with their relationships, or just wanting space to talk things through.

"I see clients as being 'active agents', able to make use of therapy in many diverse ways. To facilitate this, I endeavour to take the lead from clients in terms of what and how they want to use the sessions."