Good supervision is key to good practice, and to the ongoing wellbeing of practitioners. As a supervisor, I aim to provide an environment where practitioners can become inquisitive about client work, and explore what “comes up” in the therapeutic relationship.
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I have experience of supervising counsellors and trainees in a variety of contexts. I am able to offer both individual supervision and group supervision.

Individual Supervision

I believe that supervision allows a supervisee the space and time needed to really see what they are struggling with in their practice. By maintaining a non-judgemental yet challenging supervision relationship, I feel there is best chance to help supervisees come to their own realisations about what they need to attend to in their client work.

Group Supervision

Group supervision provides a unique opportunity to learn from fellow pracitioners, and to discover how to support peers in their work. Further, the group context can potentially reveal hidden relational dynamics that may have a direct bearing on a supervisee's practice. As a group supervisor, I aim to fascilitate the group's ability to encounter each other and to be as open as possible to learn from each other's practice.